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Real historic ryokan in the nature, with the warm people   

Overview of the house

Sunrise,twilight light and illumination creates very fantastic ambiance of our ryokan.  

Many arranged flowers "Ikebaba" show dignity and greet you at every corner which are all by landlady's own arrangement.

Your hostess and staffs


Ikuyo, the hostess

​My role is to make sure the every service and experience will be perfect for you. My English is not good, though I love to communicate with guests from the world. I believe my own  hospitality as adding the last decoration to your dining,and  arranging seasonal flowers in every room, etc. are the proud of our ryokan's excellence.


Our head chef

We are certain your dining experience at our ryokan will be unforgettable thanks to our collective presentation of Japanese 'kaiseki' cuisine made in the unique style of Osaka's famous restaurant group! 

We are always keen on bringing out the original taste of our raw ingredients. We never use artificial seasoning, but instead use natural flavoring from bonito, kelp and more.

However, the key to creating fine dining is to appeal to all five senses, taking into account the visual presentation as well as flavor and texture.

In this we differ from Michelin, which ranks restaurants based on taste alone, and we look forward to inviting them for a review when they change that standard.

Kotonoyado Musashino room assistant

"Nakai-san", the 

room attendants

We are the team of people naturally curious and keen on persuing the expectation of our guests. Beyond the language barrier, we would hope our heart,attitude, and our proactive actions will make your stay pleasant.

Please consult us how to differently maximize enjoying your own room, for dining, drinking, using amenities, and making futons( Japanese beds).

Access to our house

Please drag  the human icon and drop on our exact location to change to the street-view mode, where you can get the surrounding environment around Kotonoyado Musashino.

Google Travel/Googlemaps information about Kotonoyado Musashino


Please click the image to open a new tab of Google travel Information detailing about our location

Nara park nature and vicinity

Why not spend your precious time in breathing fresh air by walking around the surrounding nature, and enjoy the exclusive sunrise/sunset panoramic views and sound of Todaiji bell.  

History from the old days

Tesshu, the sword master, Junichiro Tanizaki, novel writer, and other famous artists have often visited us. Also, our name  "Musashino" comes from the ancient alias name of this place. (legend says there's unfound tomb of "Yoshiminenoyasuyo", governor of Musashinokuni( Current Tokyo area).

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