Like the sword master Tesshu did, unleash your soul and body at Nara’s historical first ryokan inn with fine dining.


Welcome to Kotonoyado Musashino!
We support your first ryokan stay experience!

We take pride in our hospitality and flexibility to guide you how to enjoy your stay in Japanese Ryokan even if it is your first time trial.

Please read the Ryokan guide, and why not follow how Japanese visitors enjoy ryokan stay as per the following recommended steps, and ensure the best arrival time at our "ryokan" for enjoying a sunset promenade! (Actual time varies by month or season)
In Response to the COVID-19 on Kotonoyado Musashino

Thank you for visiting us.

Our facility is implementing the following measures in response to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

-We serve your cuisine in your room.

-We have installed hand sanitizer at the entrance, reservation desk, and every guest room.

-We pay vigilant attention to high-touch areas such as guest rooms, door handles, banister railings, public bathrooms, guest slippers, and counters.

-In consideration of the health of both customers and our staff, we are wearing masks.

-We check our body temperature before we come to work.

-We have elevated our strong emphasis on frequent and effective hand washing and gargle protocols for staff, before, during, and throughout their shifts.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. Thanks.

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Traditional "Ryokan" style welcome

Our staff will welcome you with an authentic Japanese 'ryokan' style greeting, beginning our magic transformation of your ordinary life into a special and unforgettable day!


Welcome tea service

You may wish to take a little break and relax on first arriving at our inn. Drop your luggage and enjoy a traditional Japanese tea service!

( b Short tea ceremony is included in our direct booking plan.) 


Check in and enrich your planning

Follow your own plan or schedule, or ask us for recommendations.


Choose your Yukata

Like the kimono, the "yukata" is traditional Japanese dress, but made for comfort. Slip into one after checking in and wear it indoors and out or even for a good night's sleep!


Into your room

With a Japanese room design, the ambiance alone will make you feel comfortable. Our 'ryokan' room is not just a bedroom. Its superior design makes it a supreme private dining place superior to any fine dining restaurant. Enjoy also magnificent Wakakusa hill view or Nara park forest view.  


Quick bath time

Ease into your first Japanese communal bath of the day with an appreciation of the room's design that leaves you relaxed. Immersed in hot water, the ordinary routine of life will be forgotten.

(b "Hiba cypress essential oil can be added to bath on request.)


Go out for sunset Nara park promenade

Experience the same unforgettable sunset as the ancient Nara people! And if you leave the inn about 10 minutes before 8 p.m. you can see and hear the tolling of the more than 1,200-year-old bell of Todaiji nearby.


"Kaiseki" dinner time!

Savor our supreme dinner presentation, a treat for the five senses! Delight in a fine-dining experience skillfully and artistically arranged by our head chef, who has long working experience at one of the famous Japanese restaurant groups.


Night life and more experiences 

Relax at our cozy self-service bar/Take bath and request massage service/ Flower arrangement experiences by the landlady/ Enjoy English language Japanese culture books

 ( B Self-service bar and free drinks are included with the direct booking plan for Rokumeisanso annex rooms.)   

b Enjoy taking bath with "Hiba cypress essential oil".) 

(  The landlady's short flower arrangement class is  included with the direct booking plans.)


Morning experience

If you want to follow what Japanese 'ryokan' lovers do, take a morning bath and enjoy the privilege of private access to Wakakusa-yama hill for a refreshing bento breakfast!


Check out and remember us!

Let's memorialize your experience with photos, and please feel free to leave your feedback on our Trip Advisor page. 

Hope your stay will be the best experience of your Japan trip!